A downloadable game

First Ludum Dare Compo game.

All done only using Unity and my brain :D

smaLLLoop is a geometry based puzzle platformer inspired from games such as 'Thomas was alone' and 'Impossible Game'.

With the Theme of Small World I figured a platformer based of scale would do quite nicely.

Before the Jam I had almost no C# knowledge so the Jam was a learning journey as well as an accomplishment.

Install instructions


Move = arrow keys, A & D or Controller input Left analog stick

Jump = Space bar, Controller input square or circle

Charge Jump = hold jump down then release.

Scale down (hold) = CTRL, left click, Control input X

Scale up (hold) = LAlt, right click, Control input triangle


Standard block

Color = Black

canJump = no

move speed = normal

can shrink = no

can grow = no

can activate things = yes

Big block

Color = Purple

canJump = Yes

move speed = slow

can shrink = no

can grow = yes

can activate things = no

Small block

Color = blue

canJump = Yes

move speed = fast

can shrink = yes

can grow = no

can activate things = no

Red = Reset loop


small_BIG_reset.zip 13 MB
small_BIG_reset.jpg 276 kB
small_BIG_reset_01.jpg 244 kB
small_big_reset_SOURCE.zip 106 MB